Season 1, Episode 10: To Be Perfectly Honest

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Rating: 2.0


Written by Rina Mimoun, Directed by Sandy Smolan

Guest starring Josh Hopkins at Matt Prophet, Lori Rom as Alison, Joseph D. Reitman, Gary Marks as Eddie Naiman

Co-starring Ilene Leventhal

Featured Musical Artists: Shannon Curfman, Save Ferris


"Oooh, Sunday night date, very telling." -Jack
"Yeah, yeah. What does it tell?" -Jill
"Well, it's very different from a Saturday night date. Much more personal. A Sunday night date, it's like invading your school night space." -Jack
"All right, that's it, I am cancelling your subscription to Cosmo!" -Jill

"You're cute. You're not funny, but you're cute." -Jill to Alison

"What did you study in college?" -Alison
"Philosophy." -Mikey
"In Mikey's defense, the philosopher job market is glutted right now." -Barto

"Hi." -Audrey
"You're the dancer. Gosh, you're so tiny." -Alison
"Thank you, I think." -Audrey

"It doesn't matter where I look, all I see is naked." -Elisa

"Are you kidding me? Matt Prophet is a questionable guy? He owns like thirty ties." -Audrey

"You're insane. I mean, you know that, right?" -Matt
"It's supposed to be endearing." -Jack

"I mean, as much as I hate to admit it, Matt seems like a pretty great guy." -Jill to Jack

"I'm not mad at you." -Jack
"Then what are you?" -Matt
"I'm sad at you." -Jack

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