Season 1, Episode 13: Animal Planet 1

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Written by Tim Davis & Peter Saisselin, Directed by Dennie Gordon

Guest starring Josh Hopkins as Matt Prophet, Chad Willett as Jonathan, Ron Glass, Caryn Greenhut as Belinda, and Angela Featherstone as Lucy

Co-starring Kathryne Dora Brown, Joshua Dow

Featured Musical Artists: Deborah Poppink


"He told me he wanted me, and he told me to be ready." -Jack

"I know women." -Mikey
"Mikey, you may be damn familiar with what goes on below their necks, but above, I'd label you borderline remedial." -Barto

"Why is everyone being so nice to me?" -Jack
"One of life's little mysteries." -Audrey

"I need to think." -Jack
"You need to stop thinking." -Jill
"You need to stop acting like you can just ride up on a horse and carriage and sweep me off my feet. You can't just do that." -Jack

"Kissing is not cheating." -Audrey
"Yes it is. Kissing is the most intimate thing you can do. Prostitutes don't do it for that very reason." -Jack
"Okay, you are not a prostitute and you are never watching 'Pretty Woman' ever again." -Audrey

"Have you lost your mind?" -Matt
"Yes. And I'm trying to get her to do the same." -Jill

From Deborah Poppink: "I wanted to let you know that my song, "The Wheel," will air on this Sunday's (Feb. 6) episode! I played the song on my guitar for the creator of the show (Randi) at a party in Los Angeles, and she wanted to use it at the @ bar in episode 13! Please visit my site ( and tell me what you think. Plus you can write to and tell them to use more Deborah Poppink songs!

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