Season 1, Episode 6: She Ain't Heavy

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Written by Becky Hartman Edwards & Tim Davis & Peter Saisselin, Directed by John Whitesell

Guest starring Virginya Keehne as Abby, Markus Flanagan, Gary Marks as Eddie Naiman, Timothy Omundson as Travis Cutler

Co-starring Andrea Ruth, Victor Togunde, Jennifer Courtney, Jim Kratt, Sean Nepita, Dona Hardy, Jack Axelrod, Ben Meyerson, Jonathan Sharp

Featured Musical Artists: Gigolo Aunts, Nuflavor, Foo Fighters, The Waiting


"It just seems like last week she was in first grade and I was walking her to school every day. She was afraid of the crossing guard." -Jill

"Are you guys having sex?" -Abby
"No!" -Jack
"Absolutely not!" -Jill
"Good, 'cause Jack and Jill would be way too cute." -Abby

"Relationship leftovers." -Elisa
"Ugh, I hate those. They're like rotting vegetable in your fridge, stinking up the place for days and weeks even after you throw them out. I've been returning wedding gifts for the last month." -Jack

"Just what I always wanted, my very own fluff piece." -Jack

"We fought, she left, the end." -Jill
"You tell a mean story." -Jack

"Sometimes a Devil Dog's just a Devil Dog." -Jill

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