Season 1, Episode 8: Men Will Be Boys

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Rating: 1.9


Written by Sandy Isaac, Directed by Bethany Rooney

Guest starring Josh Hopkins as Matt Prophet, Joseph D. Reitman, Gary Marks as Eddie Naiman, and Sean O'Bryan as Stan

Co-starring Vito D'Ambrosio, Victor Togunde, Doug Mitchell, Laird Macintosh


"What if the reviews are terrible?" -Audrey
"You'll know New York theater critics are tasteless idiots who wouldn't know a good play if it bit 'em." -Barto
"What if they're really good?" -Audrey
"You'll know New York theater critics the most discerning and insightful journalists in the world." -Barto

"Well, get his permission, so I can do a human interest story with the human I'm interested in." -Matt

"Wish me luck!" -Audrey
"Break a leg." (Audrey walks out the door) "Break his leg." -Barto
"You're a good man, Charlie Brown." -Jill

"Like your shorts." -Matt
"Like your makeup." -Jill
"Like your girl." -Matt

"Now I get what's going on here." -Barto
"Which is what?" -Audrey
"Which is that you can't scare me, Audrey, you can't scare me away. You can keep me at a nice cool comfortable distance if that's what makes you feel safe. But the thing is, I'm pretty sure that you feel what I feel, and I think that that's what scares you more than anything. So, if you're ever ready for something that's better than safe, you know where to find it." -Barto

Nitpick: When Audrey opened the door for Barto, it opened to the right. When Jack opened the door for Jill, it opened to the left.

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