#1 Pilot
#2 The Awful Truth
#3 Moving On
#4 Welcome to the Working Week
#5 Not Just a River in Egypt
#6 She Ain't Heavy
#7 Fear and Loathing in Gotham
#8 Men Will Be Boys
#9 Pseudos, Sex and Sidebars
#10 To Be Perfectly Honest
#11 Bad Timing and Dirty Laundry
#12 When You Wish Upon a Car
#13 Animal Planet 1
#14 Animal Planet 2
#15 The... Future
#16 Under Pressure
#17 Lovers and Other Strangers
#18 A Key Exchange
#19 Starstruck

Executive Producer Mark Canton

Executive producer Randi Mayem Singer

Co-producer Remi Aubuchon, Consulting producer Becky Hartman-Edwards, Producer Sandy Isaac, Executive consultant Ed Redlich, Produced by David Karl Calloway, Executive producer Mike Pavone

#1 Pilot: Aired Sunday, September 26, 1999

Jack flees her wedding, comes to New York and meets Jill. They kiss, but decide to be friends, and Jill agrees to move in with his girlfriend, Elisa. Jack moves in with an old friend, Audrey, who is a little bitter that Jack hasn't been in touch lately.

#2 The Awful Truth: Aired Sunday, October 3, 1999

Danny, Jack's ex-fiance, comes to New York to try to convince her to come back to Boston with him. She almost goes with him, but backs out at the last minute. Jill finds himself jealous of Danny, and tries to make a home with Elisa in her apartment. Elisa gets frustrated and dumps him. Jill has to get the prototype of an extremely popular toy back to the office or get fired.

#3 Moving On: Aired Sunday, October 10, 1999

The guys have a party to pick up women. Audrey talks Jack into trying to have a fling, and Jack takes a slick Australian to bed, but she's so adament about the way she wants the fling to go, and so obviously not really into it, that she scares him off. Jill sees the guys leaving, and is secretly elated, but when Jack pretends that she went through with it Jill lets her get away with it. Elisa comes to the party and puts on a good show of moving on, but Mikey finds her on the roof with a bottle of tequila later. Jill has trouble focusing on a finding a new woman when he can't stop watching Elisa and Jack. Barto thinks he might actually have a chance with Audrey when she says she wants to talk to him alone, but actually she just wanted advice on her infected belly-button ring. He can't stand it and kisses her goodnight anyway.

#4 Welcome to the Working Week: Aired Sunday, October 17, 1999

The head of the toy company (Bill Macy) expresses interest in one of Jill's designs. Jack investigates sanitary conditions in top restaurants.

#5 Not Just a River in Egypt: Aired Sunday, October 24, 1999

Jill runs into an old high-school classmate, they have an incredible date, and he decides that she's his true love. He's devastated when she admits that she's married and he can't bear to see her again. Jack and Elisa work a story together, and at first Elisa is fine and friendly, but then her bitterness about Jack kissing Jill comes out. Elisa realizes that Jack didn't really do anything wrong, but she wishes that Jack would have told her about it. They finally make peace and Jack promises that she and Jill will never be together. Audrey gets a solo, but she doesn't actually have the vocal training she claimed she had. With support from Barto she realizes that she can actually pull it off, even though she probably got the role because she was sleeping with the director. Barto can't get Audrey off his mind.

#6 She Ain't Heavy: Aired Sunday, November 7, 1999

Barto is trying to be a good friend and comforts Audrey when she is having trouble with her director boyfriend. His comforting leads to them having what they both say was incredible sex, but when Barto tries to woo Audrey in a more romantic fashion, he finds that she has gone back to the director. Jill gives Elisa some tickets to a play that they were goign to see together, and Elisa goes out to dinner and the play by herself. Although she's initially incomfortable, she ends up having a good time. Jill freaks out when his 17-year-old sister comes to town, gets her face pierced instead of going to her NYU interview, and goes clubbing with Mikey. Jack is moved by the romance of an octogenarian wedding.

#7 Fear and Loathing in Gotham: Aired Sunday, November 14, 1999

Jill invites Jack out on a date, and she accepts only to tell him that she can't date him because of Elisa. After meeting a prestigious new reporter at work named Matt, Jack gets tied up working on a project for him and has to cancel on Jill, so they re-plan for the following night. Again, Jack gets tied up with Matt, this time doing exciting field work, and ends up standing Jill up. Jill gets the message and backs off, until Elisa tells him how she asked Jack not to date him. Elisa says she thinks that was a bad idea, and Jill decides to track down Jack at work, but finds her kissing Matt. Barto's grades slip when he can't get Audrey out of his mind. Audrey breaks up with her awful director boyfriend, but still won't give Barto the time of day. Mikey attends a workshop with Elisa for people who have recently become single, and they learn a new appreciation for each other.

#8 Men Will Be Boys: Aired Sunday, November 21, 1999

Jack starts dating the reporter from work, Matt. Mikey is running an office fight night at the @ bar for co-workers to box out their grudges. Jill challenges a co-worker to a boxing match after the co-worker steals his idea for a toy. When Jill's opponent gets the flu, he ends up boxing Matt. Jack and Matt are covering the story, and when Jill knocks Matt out, Jack has to get on camera. Elisa is intrigued by a man she bumps into on the street. Audrey's musical opens to rave reviews, and Barto still has a crush on her.

#9 Pseudos, Sex and Sidebars: Aired Sunday, December 19, 1999

Jack is unsure about the status of her relationship with Matt, and first decides to have sex with him anyway, but then sees him having breakfast with a pretty blonde and says she can't do this anymore. Matt tells Jack that he was breaking up with blonde, and they kiss and make up. The tables have turned, and now Audrey is obsessed with Barto, while he ignores her because he's studying for finals. Finally she corners him and tells him how she feels, but as psyched as he is, he really needs to study. Mikey gets promoted to manager at the bar, but then has to work more, learn lots of crap and fire a nice girl. He demotes himself. Elisa is stalking the handsome stranger, but can't find him. She sees him on a bus, but they're only able to exchange first names. Jill is sued by Laurie's husband for breaking up their marriage. Jill successfully defends himself, and ends up getting a date with the opposing lawyer.

#10 To Be Perfectly Honest: Aired Sunday, January 9, 2000

Jack thinks she's caught her boyfriend, Matt, lying to her about another woman, but it turns out he was actually lying about a possible job in Washington. Jill's new girlfriend Alison can't say anything right, and offends all of Jill's friends, but even though Mikey tell him to break up with her, Jill still really likes her. Audrey and Barto are each a little insecure about their new relationship, so Barto studies tantric sex and Audrey studies medical procedures. Elisa accidentally walks in on her boss naked at work, and then he asks her out, but she's not interested.

#11 Bad Timing and Dirty Laundry: Aired Sunday, January 16, 2000

While in bed with Matt, Jack has a dream about Jill seducing her in the laundry room. That night, Jack and Jill get trapped in the laundry room. Jill reminds Jack to be more spontaneous in life, and Jack asks Jill if he thinks things might have been different if the two of them had met at a different time. They get released, and go back to their respective significant others. Jack goes out with Matt and is spontaneous with a passion. Jill, while in bed with Alison, has a dream about seducing Jack. Barto brings Audrey to his parents' place for dinner. She is shocked by their wealth, but even more shocked by their rudeness towards her. She stands up for herself, but is surprised to get no help from Barto. Elisa meets her mystery man, is romanced by a song he sings with a guitar, and takes him to bed. In the morning she is depressed when he has abandoned her, and she hunts him down. He explains that he's not what she's looking for and she shouldn't want to get involved with him. She says he doesn't know her well enough to know what she wants.

#12 When You Wish Upon a Car: Aired Sunday, January 23, 2000

Elisa is happy with her new-found stranger, Jonathan, but becomes suspicious when he's weird about talking about himself and inviting her over to his apartment. When she sees women's ice-skates at his place, and a love letter to someone named Amy, she drops him a Dear John note. He finally tells her that Amy is his wife, who died after being hit by a car last year. Jack is having serious money problems, especially after breaking an expensive item at a street-fair. She refuses to take money from Matt, and considers pawning her grandmother's brooch, but instead she gets a job at the @ bar waitressing. It turns out she's a terrible waitress, and loses money by paying for all her mistakes, so she ends up pawning the brooch. Matt buys is back for her as a present. Jill helps out an ice-cream man in distress, and the ice-cream man says he'll grant Jill's greatest wish. Jill's latest toy becomes a big success and he gets a promotion to VP, but then the marketing guys want to turn his toy into a war game, so he quits. Meanwhile, he realizes how much Jack understands him and the way he feels, while Alison is just excited about the promotion and the success, and doesn't care at all that Jill's vision is being compromised. After breaking up with Alison and having another chat with the ice-cream man, Jill goes to Jack and tells her that he's decided that she is his greatest wish.

#13 Animal Planet 1: Aired Sunday, February 6, 2000

Jill goes all out to court Jack, but she is still torn between him and Matt. Matt gets an incredible job in Washington D.C., but turns it down to stay in New York with Jack and asks her to move in with him. Mikey tries to prove that he is capable of having a relationship, but has incredible chemistry with his new girlfriend's roommate. Elisa tries to bring discussion of Amy, Jonathan's dead wife, out into the open with Jonathan and his friends to put everyone at ease, but just ends up making everyone more uncomfortable.

#14 Animal Planet 2: Aired Sunday, February 13, 2000

Audrey has to scrap her Valentine's Day plans of going swing-dancing with Barto when she hurts her ankle during rehearsal. Although it turns out she'll recover just fine, the event scares her regarding future injuries that might prematurely end her career as a dancer. Elisa makes Jonathan promise not to bow to the gods of Hallmark and to ignore Valentine's Day, but he makes a romantic gesture with lots of candles and white rose petals anyway, even making sure that she has a gift to give him so that she doesn't feel lame for not getting him something. Mikey has determined that he really shouldn't be dating Belinda, he should be dating her roommate Lucy, but he can't figure out how to make it happen without really hurting Belinda. Belinda surprises him with a Valentine's gift: Lucy! After Jack chooses Jill, Matt makes a graceful exit to a new job in Washington. Jack and Jill have an incredible night together, but then start second-guessing each other until they almost destroy their bliss.

#15 The... Future: Aired Sunday, February 20, 2000

An unemployed Jill freaks out about his future. Jack is frustrated when Elisa keeps giving her all the answers to her relationship with Jill. Mikey decides Lucy could actually be a girlfriend, but then Lucy gives him the speech he's given so many women over the years: she's not looking for a relationship. Barto is upset when he finds out Audrey went through a pregnancy scare and didn't share it with him.

#16 Under Pressure: Aired Sunday, February 27, 2000

Jack tells Jill she loves him, after swearing she doesn't want to be the first to say it. He leaves her hanging, and she becomes insecure about the fact that it was always him chasing her, but now it's suddenly her chasing him. After they work things out, he finally tells her he loves her too. Audrey notes that she and Barto didn't have sex after a date for the first time ever, and then the next night Barto feels pressured and can't get it up. After a sex-toy disaster, they try to get their minds off it by going bowling which does the trick: they end up making out in the pin-mechanics room. Elisa doesn't like watching the way Mikey treats women, and so warns one of her favorites that Mikey is a player. Not only does that move almost ruin her friendship with Mikey, but it turns out the girl she warned is also a player herself.

#17 Lovers and Other Strangers: Aired Sunday, March 5, 2000

Jonathan isn't comfortable with Elisa living with Mikey, so Elisa breaks up with him. Jack reluctantly agrees to pose nude for Jill, and then the pictures end up not only in a gallery, but being sold to a plastic surgeon who puts them up in his waiting room. Barto isn't able to save a man having a heart attack at a movie theater, and then questions his calling as a doctor while being haunted by the ghost of his medical school cadaver.

#18 A Key Exchange: Aired Sunday, March 12, 2000

Barto passes a big exam which make his chances for getting into a summer progam in North Carolina very good, and Audrey gets a part in a movie filming in L.A. Not only are they having trouble figuring out their future together, but Audrey gets very jealous of Barto's study partner Annie. Jill leaves a key to his apartment with Jack, and she snoops in his journal. She feels like she has to prove something to Jill about how wild and crazy she can be to compare to his past experiences she reads about, plus she has to gain his trust back after admitting she read his private thoughts without his permission. Mikey and Elisa are having trouble living together because Elisa is a slob and Mikey eats all of Elisa's food. They agree to split groceries, and end up hiring Mikey's ex Belinda as their maid.

#19 Starstruck: Aired Sunday, March 19, 2000

With Audrey and Barto both leaving town for the summer, Jack and Jill decide to move in together, but at the last minute they realize they're not ready. With their impending separation, and Audrey becoming more embroiled in the movie-star world, Barto and Audrey grow more and more distant. When Barto thinks that Audrey is cheating on him with her agent, he sleeps with his friend Annie and Audrey catches them. Audrey is incredibly hurt, and dumps Barto. Just as Audrey is getting on the plane to leave for L.A., Barto proposes to her. She leaves without answering. Mikey dates a movie star, and tries to be cool and not hit on her too fast. Unfortunately, he moves too slowly, and she ends up hitting on Elisa. Mikey and Elisa realize they could be attracted to each other.