2nd Season

#1 What Weddings Do to People
#2 Seriously, All Coma Proposals Aside...
#3 Caution: Parents Crossing
#4 California Dreamin'
#5 Chivas and Lies
#6 Pressure Points
#7 Crazy Like a Fox, Hungry Like the Wolf
#8 The Big Bounce
#9 The Time/Sex Continuum
#10 Battle of the Bahamas
#11 Bag Full of Love
#12 ...And Nothing but the Truth
#13 And Jack & Jill Came Down the Hill...

#1 What Weddings Do to People: Aired Wednesday, January 10, 2001

The whole gang attends the wedding of one of Jill's ex-girlfriends. Jill thinks the groom is gay. Jack and Jill fight about possibly getting married and lack of communication between them. Jack drinks a lot and eats the wedding cake which has nuts in it. She passes out from drinking too much and her allergy from nuts, and as she's lying unconscious in the hospital Jill says he wants to propose to her when she wakes up. She wakes up and tells him that she heard him. Mikey tries to score at the wedding, but his reputation precedes him and no woman will talk to him. Elisa is desperate not to be the lame single person at the wedding, and ends up hooking up with someone even more desperate than she. After ignoring Barto all summer, Audrey meets him at the wedding, and although they reunite they realize they have some things to work out.

#2 Seriously, All Coma Proposals Aside...: Aired Wednesday, January 17, 2001

Jill comes through with his promise to propose and Jack happily says yes. Then she finds out that he had a ring for Elisa as well, and he even though of proposing to his high school girlfriend. She's hurt that she's not the first, but it's Elise that makes Jack realize that Jill may have though of proposing to other women, but he only ever actually proposed to Jack. Barto and Audrey try to get their relationship back one day at a time, but Audrey realizes that she can't do it and so asks Barto to just be her friend. Barto tries hard to do that for her, but realizes that he's still totally in love with her and can't just be her friend. Mikey really wants to be Jill's best man, but when Barto is incredibly depressed over Audrey Mikey relinquishes the role to Barto to cheer him up.

#3 Caution: Parents Crossing: Aired Wednesday, January 24, 2001

Jill's mother and Jack's parents come to New York for a visit. Jack hits it off with her wonderful future mother-in-law, but Jill can't stand Jack's caustic parents. Jack begs Jill to give her folks another chance, but when Jack's father suggests to Jill that he should play the field while he "still has the chance," Jill breaks his future father-in-law's nose. Jill learns from his mother that his own parents' marriage was not the idyllic union Jill believed it to be. Audrey is interviewed about her new movie on a local morning talk show and accidentally lets it slip that she once had sex in a bowling alley. While Barto, who has been trying unsuccessfully to avoid his ex, thinks she's using their relationship as talk-show fodder, Audrey is mortified and tortured by being known as the bowling alley chick throughout New York. Barto finally comes to his senses and is a supportive friend to Audrey. Mikey sets up Elisa with a nerdy friend of his, and Elisa is offended that Mikey thought this was the best she could do until he explains how she was too good for everyone else.

#4 California Dreamin': Aired Wednesday, January 31, 2001

Everyone goes to Audrey's movie premiere in L.A., including Barto who originally thought he wasn't welcome, but was convinced by a phone call from Audrey. Barto harbors some hope of getting back together with Audrey, but is disappointed when she doesn't reciprocate, so when he returns to New York he calls childhood friend Sarah. Audrey has a fling with her co-star from the movie, but pines for Barto. Jill flirts with bikini-clad women at the pool while Jack has lunch with an old lover interest and doesn't tell him that she's engaged. Although Jack and Jill argue, they re-cement their relationship and decide it's time to move in together. When the @ bar goes up for sale, Mikey dreams of buying it, but his loan application is refused by the bank. Elisa has a fling with a cute psychiatrist on the plane to L.A. and he looks her up at her hotel to be sure to get her number so they can see each other back in New York.

#5 Chivas and Lies: Aired Wednesday, February 7, 2001

Jack and Jill have difficulties finding a decent apartment in New York, but their problems are solved when Barto decides to move in with Elisa and Mikey. Jill convinces a wealthy client, Dante, who hired him for a photo shoot, to invest in Mikey's dream of owning the @ bar. Dante's only condition is that Jill be involved in the deal as well. Jill and Mikey's friendship is almost ruined when Jill refuses to join the deal, but Mikey finally convinces his friend to go through with it. Audrey is depressed when her movie is a flop and Barto is obviously interested in a new woman. She throws herself back into the one thing that makes her happy, her dancing. Elisa is worried that her psychiatrist boyfriend, Peter, has analyzed her and knows her too well, but she is comforted when he buys her a present that she hates and then doesn't understand why she's happy about it. Barto fakes an illness for a professor's program of learning the patient's point of view, but blows his cover when he helps out a fellow patient.

#6 Pressure Points: Aired Wednesday, February 14, 2001

Barto tries to keep his new relationship with Sarah a secret from his parents, and when they find out anyway he immediately perceives pressure and decides to break it off. When he realizes that Sarah sees their relationship as casually as he does, they decide to let nature take its course. Elisa is upset with Jack when Jack and Peter don't get along, and decides to keep her relationship with Peter separate from her friend. The @ bar has its grand re-opening and is a great success in its first week. Jill and Mikey argue over Mikey's dating one of the waitresses, Emily, but when the relationship fizzles they make up. Dante obviously has more faith in Jill than Mikey. Jack moves in with Jill and worries that Audrey is lonely, so she pesters her old roommate with phone calls and outings and encourages all their other friends to as well. Audrey finally tells Jack to lay off because she's now looking forward to a little time alone.

#7 Crazy Like a Fox, Hungry Like the Wolf: Aired Wednesday, February 28, 2001

Jack pitches an idea to her new boss for a newscast segment and gets it approved. Her and Elisa's friendship further fractures when they both decide to audition for the anchor of the new segment. Although neither of them gets the job, the new boss decides that Elisa should help Jack produce. Jill's secret karaoke addiction comes to light when a karaoke machine salesmen gives the @ bar a machine to try out for a week. Barto, jealous of Sarah's crowded social schedule, tries to multi-date himself, but fails miserably. He tells Sarah he wants to be exclusive, but she doesn't think it's such a great idea. Against her better judgement, Audrey lets a straight man move in as her new roommate. When he fulfills her expectations and hits on her, she asks him to move out, but he refuses.

#8 The Big Bounce: Aired Wednesday, March 7, 2001

After a customer breaks a window at the bar, Dante hires a bouncer without consulting Jill or Mikey. Jill and Mikey argue when Jill supports Dante's decision, but they band together to fight the bouncer when he turns out to be an unreasonable thug. The two friends face Dante as a united front in refusing to get another bouncer. Jack sets out to mend her strained relationship with Elisa by never saying another bad thing about Peter, even though she more and more feels like Peter isn't the right man for Elisa. Elisa realizes on her own that Peter is undermining her self-confidence, and is glad to have Jack to lean on when she breaks up with him. Audrey is frustrated when her new roommate, Russell, parades around naked, and threatens his prized record collection to get him to pay attention to her wishes. She's embarrassed when he gets her a present of a beautiful sweater, and not only gets him a present back, but ends up kissing him as well. Barto thinks the waitress at the cafe is flirting with him until he finds out she is married and was just trying to get a good tip. When Emily flirts with him at the @ bar, he assumes she's going for a tip too and runs away before he flirts back.

#9 The Time/Sex Continuum: Aired Wednesday, March 14, 2001

Jack and Jill find a local Catholic church in which to get married, but the priest requires premarital counseling. Their counseling sessions accentuate the problems in their relationship and how busy they both are with their respective jobs. Audrey gets hot and heavy with her roommate, Russell, but then has trouble drawing the lines between roommate and lover. Elisa and Peter have trouble making their break-up stick, but after two bouts of break-up sex they say their final goodbyes. Mikey becomes obsessed with his own anatomy after Barto uses him for a practice physical and unearths his situs inversus (all his internal organs are reversed).

#10 Battle of the Bahamas: Aired Wednesday, March 21, 2001

When they lose St. Francis, Jack and Jill look into other wedding locations, and end up deciding to have a romantic sailboat wedding in the Bahamas. Jack's mother pulls some strings and Jack can't say no when Father Conlin calls to offer St. Francis again. Jill is upset that Jack re-booked the church without consulting him. They have a fight, but after some cool down time, both apologize and Jack decides it's time for her to compromise and agrees to stick with the sailboats. Audrey gives private dance lessons to a boy who is about to have his barmitzvah, but doesn't handle it well when he grabs her ass. Mikey is jealous when Barto goes out with Emily, and when Emily says she's quitting the bar to go back to med school, Mikey decides to ask her out as well. Emily says she's happily dating Barto, and Mikey apologizes to his friend for trying to "poach."

#11 Bag Full of Love: Aired Wednesday, March 28, 2001

It's Jack's birthday, and Jill plans a romantic home-cooked dinner, but he's ambushed by her ex-love, Matt, who surprises her with a hotel rendezvous and a three-piece band. Even though Jack quickly extracts herself from Matt to be with Jill, Jill feels threatened and tries to out-romance his perceived rival. Jack is annoyed, but realizes that a little assurance for Jill wouldn't be a bad thing. Audrey is jealous when Russell's ex, Kate, stays at their apartment after losing her own place. Audrey tries to sabotage her when Kate expresses interest in getting back together with Russell, but when Audrey realizes that Russell still loves Kate, she magnanimously steps out of the way and goes to stay at Elisa's to give them space. While at Elisa's, Audrey becomes uncomfortable when she catches Barto and Emily ravaging each other on the way to Barto's bedroom. Mikey gets territorial about his and Barto's new TV when Elisa doesn't want to invest in it, but finally comes clean that he just wants to make sure that he never loses Elisa's friendship when they eventually move out and move on with their lives.

#12 ...And Nothing but the Truth: Aired Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Three weeks before their Bahamas wedding, Jill lets it slip that he may have to relocate to Boston to franchise the @ bar, and Jack and Jill realize that they haven't discussed life's big issues with each other. They fight over a list of questions that Jack types up, but reconcile with the assurance to each other that fate wants them together. Fate seems to take a turn when a hurricane destroys their wedding location. Audrey unwillingly goes on a "Celebrity Date" game show, and is surprised when she actually gets along with her date. She agrees to go on a real date with him, but then backs out at the last minute when he obsesses over the plans. When he later breaks into her apartment, she presses charges and finds herself back on the couch in Barto, Elisa and Mikey's apartment. Barto confesses to Emily that he cheated on Audrey, and his obvious guilt about it makes Emily send him to get Audrey's forgiveness. Audrey tells Barto he's already forgiven, and Emily senses a connection between the two exes when Audrey tells Barto about her experience with her celebrity date.

#13 And Jack & Jill Came Down the Hill...: Aired Wednesday, April 11, 2001

After a hurricane destroys their plans for a Bahamas wedding, Jack and Jill decide to elope to City Hall, but at the last minute Jill decides that that's not the way they should remember their wedding day. Jack finds out that she's pregnant and Jill decides maybe they should call the wedding off and just concentrate on their relationship. Jack agrees with him and keeps the secret of her pregnancy. Elisa and Mikey may or may not have fallen into bed together drunk. Audrey tells Barto she'd like to give their relationship another try, and leaves Barto having to decide between her and Emily.