Episode 1: Pilot

"One minute you're a bride to be, the next, you're an urban legend." -Jack

Aired: Sunday, September 26, 1999

Written by Randi Mayem Singer; Directed by James Frawley

In short: Jack flees her wedding, comes to New York, and meets Jill. They kiss, but decide to be friends, and Jill agrees to move in with his girlfriend, Elisa. Jack moves in with an old friend, Audrey, who is a little bitter that Jack hasn't been in touch lately. Jack gets a job working for a news station, where she meets Elisa. Barto, a med student, must carve up his first cadaver.

Guest stars: Vincent Ventresca (Danny), Kip Gilman, Gary Marks (Eddie Naiman), Darryl Theirse, Victoria Principal (Cecilia Barrett), Nina Magnesson, Robert Rigamonti, Jimm Giannini, Thomas Astor, David Brown, Sean Larkin, Craig Braun, Maulik Pancholy, Tanya Linette Smith

Music: A Capella music by Jondo; This Way; Wilco

Bethany's detailed summary of this episode


"Should have encouraged her to be a lesbian." -Dad Barrett

"Life's funny. One minute you're a bride-to-be, the next, you're an urban legend." -Jack

"You're not borrowing my scrubs to meet women." -Barto

"I'm Jacqueline Barrett, friends call me Jack." -Jack
"Hey, David Jillefsky, my friends call me Jill. I guess we know what our friends are gonna call us together." -Jill

"It was like girlfriends at first site. If you're a girl, you know what I mean." -Jack

"Do you like toys?" -Jill
"In what sense?" -Jack

"Okay, in fairy tales, sometimes the girl meets the wandering prince just moments after she tells the ugly frog
to kiss off. But sometimes, it's just another ugly frog." -Jack
"I bet you didn't know there was a real Jack and Jill. Yep. Somewhere in Wales, or Ireland, or something.
They really did go up a hill to get some water. And had a freak accident. I don't know what happened next."

"I didn't sleep with him.... He's coming over after the show tonight, and I'm going to not sleep with him again."

"You know what? I'm a horrible person. I'm a dishonest ungrateful two-timing horrible person." -Jill

"Who are you? Kathy Lee Gifford?" -Jack to her mom

"But you're doing it. I mean, real life, you are doing it." -Jack
"Yeah, but now so are you." -Audrey

"It started out like Jack and Jill, but we didn't go up the hill. We just knew the hill was there. You couldn't miss
it. It was a very big hill. For all of us." -Jill

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